Quickie Pickie and Cherrywood Coffeehouse deliveries

Yesterday was a very busy day.Quickie Pickie and Cherrywood Coffeehouse got fresh bread. Cherrywood got more Onion buns and Almond Biscotti, too.

A long time friend visited from out of town this weekend and we drove her to San Antonio yesterday after delivering. On the way back a jackknifed semi caused a three hour backup with I-35 closed northbound until it could be towed. My car’s temp gauge started to climb and I had to pull over and let it sit for a while. It was after ten p.m. I was glad my husband was with me.

About Misty Morning Bakery

I own a gluten free bakery in Austin, Texas. Most of my accounts are small restaurants and cafes that focus on locally-sourced, mostly organic fresh food. My most popular items are bread and buns, but I also feature cookies and biscotti, adding some seasonal desserts when I have the time. Hearing, "It's the best gluten free bread I've ever had," makes my day (and makes the late nights worth it)!
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