Friday Bakery News

Quickie Pickie just got eight half loaves of Sweet Sorghum Bread and one of Not Quite Rye. For those of you who used to buy NQR at Hillside Farmacy across the street, now’s your chance to grab a fresh loaf. If you need help finding them, Emily or Martine can help you.

Hillside Farmacy has switched to the Sweet Sorghum Bread for their mainstay gluten free option. Also, they have added the Stone Ground Sorghum Baguettes as a GF companion to the cheese plates. They will also sell these items at the counter if their supply permits.

The Wet Whistle got more Savory Onion Buns and a couple Stone Ground Sorghum Baguettes. Also, The Wet Whistle is having its One Year Open Party this Sunday. They are celebrating with music, wine tasting, and are also selling raffle tickets. Misty Morning Bakery has pitched in Sweet Sorghum Bread, Savory Onion Buns, and a Stone Ground Sorghum Baguette toward the prizes.

Cherrywood Coffeehouse  is one of MMB’s newest accounts. They continue to serve up Sweet Sorghum Bread, Savory Onion Buns and Almond Biscotti faster than I can deliver them. They’ve upped the order on the Sweet Sorghum each week. We are really proud to be a part of the fantastic sandwiches they create at Cherrywood.

Don’t forget all the other great restaurants where you can order our bread: Counter Culture, Bouldin Creek, Snack Bar, G’s Dynamite Deli, Ruta Maya Cafe eSpress, Strange Brew Austin Coffee, Cenote, Schmaltz.

About Misty Morning Bakery

I own a gluten free bakery in Austin, Texas. Most of my accounts are small restaurants and cafes that focus on locally-sourced, mostly organic fresh food. My most popular items are bread and buns, but I also feature cookies and biscotti, adding some seasonal desserts when I have the time. Hearing, "It's the best gluten free bread I've ever had," makes my day (and makes the late nights worth it)!
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