Commerce Street Supper Club organic, vegan dinner

I recently discovered the Commerce Street Supper Club. I am looking forward to meeting Brian and Brenna and attending their delicious food events. Their monthly dinners are on Thursdays. Attending will require some shifting of kitchen time for Gregg and I, as Thursdays are one of our baking nights. Check out their website and the story of how Commerce Street Supper Club came to be.

If an organic, vegan, full-course dinner sounds good to you, consider attending on April 10th. Support this most worthwhile endeavor and help make it a success! Link to their RSVP form below:

Give them a Like on Facebook, too.

Bon Appetit!


About Misty Morning Bakery

I own a gluten free bakery in Austin, Texas. Most of my accounts are small restaurants and cafes that focus on locally-sourced, mostly organic fresh food. My most popular items are bread and buns, but I also feature cookies and biscotti, adding some seasonal desserts when I have the time. Hearing, "It's the best gluten free bread I've ever had," makes my day (and makes the late nights worth it)!
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  1. Thanks for the love, Misty Morning Bakery! We are big fans of your breads & cookies, and we sincerely look forward to having you at the table!

    Next Supper Club: Thursday, May 8th

    Congratulations on landing the Galaxy Cafe account! Keep it up!

    With Gratitude from Commerce Street,

    Brenna + Brian

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