Are you a Soup Peddeler customer?

Hey ya’ll, Friday I dropped off a sampler pack at The Soup Peddler/Juicebox. If any of you frequent TSP and would like to have GF,V bread and cookie options there, let them know. Business owners sometimes say, “I don’t get any requests for GF.” If customers don’t ask for it, they won’t know there is a market.”

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Whipping the web site into shape…slowly!

I’ve been updating. correcting, deleting, adding, editing – you get the idea!

Didn’t get nearly as much done on it as I wanted to, but it’s been so long since I worked on this site I had to travel the learning curve (re: help pages) to remember how to change menu items, etc.

I want to get ingredient lists on every product page. I also want to list all the fantastic companies I buy ingredients from that are doing organic, fair-trade, non-GMO, vegan, and alternative energy. Buying from and supporting these companies costs more, but I am confident the higher cost is worth it to my customer base.

Also a couple new accounts in the offing. Stay tuned!

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Gluten Free and Allergen Free Wellness Event

Just learned about this event taking place in Austin on February 2nd, and wanted to pass the information along.


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Tuesday Deliveries

Strange Brew, The Wet Whistle and Quickie Pickie will be getting deliveries tomorrow afternoon. Get your fresh bread, Savory Onion buns, Almond Biscotti and Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies.

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Baguettes at The Wet Whistle

Get on over to The Wet Whistle and get a Stone Ground Sorghum Baguette, some Savory Onion Buns, or an Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookie.

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Great music at Cherrywood Coffeehouse for the Harvest Moon

Spent a beautiful evening outside enjoying the cool temps and listening to this band at Cherrywood Coffeehouse. Smooth, funky beats. Definitely will look for them in the future.

After These Messages is the new instrumental trio from Austin, TX. Primarily funk-based, its original compositions range to include Latin, reggae, and jazz influences. The unique After These Messages sound can be described as soulful, sometimes experimental, and always groovy. Cover songs include di…

Musician/Band: 82 like this
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The Soy debate

We’ve been vegetarians for 38 years, and we have consumed a LOT of soy. I love tofu and tempeh. I’ve recently switched to buying organic tofu and, of course, always buy The Hearty Vegan tempeh, always organic, and the best!
Soy: Plant-Based Protein Powerhouse or Evil Allergen?
If you’re vegan, vegetarian, or look like someone who shops at natural foods stores, you will inevitably be prompted with the great soy dilemma. It may emerge sometime in between “where do you get your protein?” and “are you gluten free?” See my answers to these questions here and here.
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Sunday and food fun

Relaxing, listening to Radio Lab and planning delicious things to eat today.

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What a crazy week!!

Been crazy busy! Family birthdays…dog-sitting neighbor’s dog (who’s a total sweetheart!). MY dog got quilled by a PORCUPINE of all things!!! I didn’t even know they lived in this part of the country. Needless to say…vet trip. She’s fine now.

Back to the routine today. Delivering later. Hope everyone’s had a calmer week than mine!!

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Friday Bakery News

Quickie Pickie just got eight half loaves of Sweet Sorghum Bread and one of Not Quite Rye. For those of you who used to buy NQR at Hillside Farmacy across the street, now’s your chance to grab a fresh loaf. If you need help finding them, Emily or Martine can help you.

Hillside Farmacy has switched to the Sweet Sorghum Bread for their mainstay gluten free option. Also, they have added the Stone Ground Sorghum Baguettes as a GF companion to the cheese plates. They will also sell these items at the counter if their supply permits.

The Wet Whistle got more Savory Onion Buns and a couple Stone Ground Sorghum Baguettes. Also, The Wet Whistle is having its One Year Open Party this Sunday. They are celebrating with music, wine tasting, and are also selling raffle tickets. Misty Morning Bakery has pitched in Sweet Sorghum Bread, Savory Onion Buns, and a Stone Ground Sorghum Baguette toward the prizes.

Cherrywood Coffeehouse  is one of MMB’s newest accounts. They continue to serve up Sweet Sorghum Bread, Savory Onion Buns and Almond Biscotti faster than I can deliver them. They’ve upped the order on the Sweet Sorghum each week. We are really proud to be a part of the fantastic sandwiches they create at Cherrywood.

Don’t forget all the other great restaurants where you can order our bread: Counter Culture, Bouldin Creek, Snack Bar, G’s Dynamite Deli, Ruta Maya Cafe eSpress, Strange Brew Austin Coffee, Cenote, Schmaltz.

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