Buns are available in 4″ burger size or 3-3/8″ slider size. Sold by the dozen or in packages of four.

4″ burger buns:    $5.99 4-pack    $15.00 dozen

3-3/8″” slider buns:    $5.00 4-pack    $12.50 dozen

Seeded Sorghum Buns: Gluten Free

 Topped with a sprinkling of chia and sesame seeds. If you’re more into white bread, this one’s for you.

Flax Seed Buns: Gluten Free

A wonderful, light bun. Flecked with flax seed meal.

Not Quite Rye Buns: Gluten Free

Great hearty dark bun. If you love rye bread, this is for you. No actual rye flour, of course (since it contains gluten). The caraway seeds and dark flour blend really imbue these buns with the rye flavor.

Savory Onion buns: Gluten Free and Vegan

Aromatic and delicious! Caution: that wonderful onion aroma is irresistible.

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